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Corn Maze and Haunted Hayride Directory


Find Corn Mazes, learn the does and don'ts on how to build your own corn maze and so much more.  Hauntworld.com is the World's #1 Halloween and Haunted Attraction website.  On Hauntworld you can learn everything you ever wanted to know about all types of Halloween and Haunted House attractions, events and find attractions nationwide.  On this page you will also find an article on building your own corn maze and we encourage you to send us your links, articles and more so we can continue to educate America about Halloween attractions, and Haunted Attractions.



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Corn Mazes in California


Los Angeles Haunted Hayride

Los Angeles, CA


****site says they have a Hay Maze-not a corn Maze*** didn’t know if you wanted that as well.



Corn Mazes in Georgia


Haunted Montrose

Montrose, GA


Experience The Slaughterhouse, The Dark Maze, The Graveyard, and The Haunted Corn. Get ready for the fright of your life.



Corn Mazes in Idaho


The House

Nampa, Idaho


You won’t be able to tell its reality or a cruel nightmare.


Corn Mazes in Illinois


Eleventh Hour

Elk Grove Village


Pitch Black Maze Experience


Corn Mazes in Indiana


Hanna Haunted Hayrides

Indianapolis, IN


Four Haunted House, a Haunted Hayride and a corn maze, you will be lucky to come out alive… Those who do tremble with fear and tears.


Corn Mazes in Kansas


Haunted Cannery Spook House

El Dorado, KS


More than just finding your way out, come this year and see if you can win the game by being the first to make it out, it is a giant and fun filled corn maze with interesting challenges to kids of all ages with twists and turns and sudden dead ends.



Corn Mazes in Michigan


Niles Haunted House

Niles, MI


Field of Screams with Maniac Maze If you aren’t lucky this attraction will take you the rest of your life to get out. Ever heard the expression, “you can check out, but you never leave.” Beware of the Birch Tree Forest.


Night Terrors

Ypsilanti, MI


The Labyrinth- You’re lost in the dark with only the moonlight as your guide. Something is right behind you, or wait, is it in front of you? Didn’t you already come this way? So hard to tell in the dark, is that your friends hand? Where is the rest of him? If you make it out, you’re one of the lucky ones, but if your friends aren’t so lucky, they have to stay.


Corn Mazes in Minnesota


The Haunted Farm

Moorhead, MN


After a spook guided tour through the dark woods, enter into The Dark Maze. Make your way through the twists and turns and try and find your way out….alive



Corn Mazes in Missouri



Columbia, MO


Inside the 13 acre corn maze the reaper is waiting for you.


Ozark Nightmares

Lebanon, MO




St. Louis, MO



Corn Mazes in Montana


Field of Screams Haunted Ghost Town

Vicor, MT


It’s time to get lost in the 10th Annual Corn Maze, try and find your way out.


Corn Mazes in Nebraska


Scary Acres

Omaha, NE


The Stalks a 10 acre corn maze once you are inside there is a chance you will never be able to find your way out. Step carefully to avoid those who didn’t make it out before you.


Corn Mazes in Nevada


Glendale Haunted corn Maze

Moapa, NV


Walk through this dark and scary corn field maze and try and make your way out.


Corn Mazes in New Hampshire


Haunted Overload

118 North River Road

Lee, NH


Visit the 6 acre corn maze for a different kind of fall amusement.


Morbid Mountain

Gilford, NH


The hospital of Horrors outdoor maze-something went terribly wrong many years ago. Enter and try and make it out alive.


Corn Mazes in New Jersey


Field of Terror

East Windsor, NJ


A 5-acre walk through haunted cornfield that will surprise you around every turn.



Corn Mazes in New York


Headless Horseman

Ulster Park, NY


Dark Harvest Corn Maze-It is known for its overwhelming abundance of squawking and screeching black feathered pests. Large footprints have been found, but no creature has been sited to date.


Haunted Mansion of Melville

Melville, NY


Make sure you keep watch over your shoulder because you never know where they will get you.


Corn Mazes in North Carolina


Woods of Terror Haunted Attraction

Greensboro, NC


Night stalkers-Fall is time for harvest, but we won’t be harvesting corn, the night stalkers will be harvesting their favorite food…it’s you, good luck.


Spookywoods, Greenboro, NC

This is one of the biggest corn mazes in America.  Spookywoods has been features on NATIONAL TV for their awesome corn maze.  Visit www.spookywoods.com for all the details.  This attraction has tons of things for kids to do like dino digs, pumpkin patches and much more.



Corn Mazes in Ohio


The Legends of Horror

Springfield, OH


Take a walk through Mikey the Lions Corn Maze.


The Haunted Farm

Pleasantville, OH


Experience some farm fresh fear and make your way through the twists and turns of the haunted corn maze.



Corn Mazes in Pennsylvania


House in the Hollow

Newtown, PA


Journey into the Corn Maze and keep your eyes open and be on the lookout for all creepy and spooky creatures that are lurking.


The Bates Motel

Gradyville, PA


The Cornfield Haunted Trail takes you back in time as you walk through the corn the tall corn and enter into ghost towns; grave yards the haunted gold mine and other full haunted sets.



Corn Mazes in Tennessee


Forest of Fear

Chattanooga, TN


Forest of Fear Haunted House and Corn maze is filled with twists and turn around every corner. Keep your eyes appealed because you never know what is lurking ahead.


Corn Mazes in Texas



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