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World's Biggest Year Around Halloween and Horror Store - Full Tour
Fri, June 10, 2022
Hauntworld takes you on another horrific adventure this time to Los Angles and a trip thru the World's biggest year around Horror store - Halloween Town. 
Many haunted house owners are now trying to open Halloween stores so we decided to take a trip to see this attraction.  This is simply the most amazing Halloween store we've ever seen.  This Halloween store is a Los Angles staple and from our perspective a tourist attraction.  So please watch the video below and check out the World's biggest Halloween year around store.  

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Hollywood Movie Prop Museum Private Tour - Icons of Darkness
Fri, June 10, 2022
Hauntworld takes you on a tour of the most amazing Horror and Science Fiction Museum in the World.  We take you on a rare behind the screnes pov tour of Icons of Darkness located in Los Angles California.  This is the largest collection of movie props and costumes we've ever seen.  You will see the real Silence of the Lambs props, Aliens, Batman, Predator, and even the real Joker costume.  This museum has everything so place watch the video below, like and subscribe.  Hauntworld has tons more videos coming taking you into some of the spookiest places on earth. 

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Tour Tom Devlin Horror FX Creature Shop and Monster Museum
Fri, May 13, 2022

Hauntworld visits 'KING OF THE B MOVIES'  Tom Devlin Hollywood Movie Workshop.  Prepare to go behind the SCREAMS and learn the secrets of how Tom Devlin creates Horror movie props and special fx.  Hauntworld also takes a tour thru his Horror Museum.  During our tour we learned how to make fake blood, masks, creature wings, and got to see some of the most amazing monsters.  Tom also gives us a tour of his one of a kind Hearse.  The videos are in two parts... part one gives viewers a behind the scenes tour of the horror museum and part two is the creature shop. 

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Hauntworld youtube will be taking you around the America to see some of the most amazing Horror and Amusement Attractions. 

To learn more about Tom Devlin Monster Musuem located just outside of Las Vegas Nevada visit his website linked below. 


PART ONE VIDEO BELOW:  Tour the Monster Musuem 


PART TWO VIDEO BELOW:  Tour the Monster FX Shop


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