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Transworld Haunted House Attraction Tradeshow - Full Walk Thru Video
Tue, April 16, 2024
Hauntworld documented the entire Transworld Haunted House and Christmas Attraction tradeshow.  Watch the video below to see every Halloween animation, prop, and so much more.  The show was filled with Haunted House costumes, masks, make-up, animations, props and even Christmas lights to Escape Room supplies. 

Be sure to follow our Youtube channel for all kinds of additional videos about the haunted attraction industry. 

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Transworld Haunted Attraction Show Day 1 - Set up
Wed, March 06, 2024

Transworld Haunted Attraction and Christmas Light Show is about to happen in St Louis Missouri March 7-11, 2024.  Learn more about the show at www.HaaShow.com 

Hauntworld will be documenting the show with videos.  Be sure to like and subscribe to our Youtube channel for every animation, Halloween Props and special fx. 

Watch our video below of DAY ONE of Transworld Show set up.  You'll see big animations, props and more. 

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Go Behind the Scenes at 13th Gate Haunted Attractions
Mon, January 29, 2024
Today Hauntworld goes behind the SCENES at one of the World's best haunted houses 13th Gate in Baton Rouge. 

We take the tour with Dwayne Sanburn and explore the entire attraction and try to learn the 13th Gate Secrets!  Be sure to like, subscribe and share this video on youtube. 

Learn more about their haunted house at www.13thgate.com 
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